18 May, 2021 Chuyên Trang Đánh Giá, Phân Tích Tổng Hợp Kiến Thức Mới Nhất Hiện Nay


Jeong-hoon and Si-hu meet at their ex-lovers’ wedding and end up sleeping together under the spell of alcohol. The two dumpees have qualms about each other as their ex-lovers had gotten married that day, but they can’t deny the fact that their one-night stand was sheer ecstasy. A few days later, they bump into each other at a coffee shop and have an awkward conversation about that absurd yet fantastic night. Si-hu even admits she had an orgasm for the first time with him, takes out a coffee coupon card, and suggests filling 9 more spots until completing 10 one-night stands. One stamp for each night! As the coupon gets filled with stamps, their feelings for each other grow. Although losers at both love and work, they feel special when they are with each other. But with just one spot left on the coupon, what now?


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