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[Subbed] Doraemon Movie 34 – Hikari no Signal

The title of the movie in English is “Doraemon: New Nobita’s Great Demon ~Peko and The Exploration Party of 5~”.

Translation and everything else is done by myself, please credit if you want to use them or something. Song title in English is Signal of Light and Kis-My-Ft2 is the group that sung it.

I remembered watching the movie before, but I don’t remember anything about it other than the dog-looking statue in back is very important. However, the ED song really stuck to my head and I really love it ever since. The song is really good in all aspects. Honestly, I’m kinda surprised at the theme the song is going for considering the movie series it was used. Though, I guess it does fit with Doraemon movies more and not the original main series. Anyway, in this song, I interpret it as there are 2 people here: the lonely/sad one and the cheerful/helpful one. The song kinda goes on the 2 perspectives, but the cheerful/helpful one is more dominant and tries to help the lonely/sad one, which is the main focus of the song. I do hope I interpret it correctly at least. Enjoy!
EDIT: Small clarification for the line at 0:39, back-to-back(senaka awase) here actually means 2 people facing back to back and not something that happens continuously. It might be that the lonely/sad one has a problem with someone which may be the friend that was mentioned in 1:43. This means there are actually 3 people here, though the main focus is still the 2 people I mentioned before. Sorry for the confusion.

Also small rant, I don’t know why in the past few days all I’m doing is “correcting” an already existing translation. This one already had one translation that spreads everywhere on the internet I can search, but it’s kinda odd and have many mistakes so I have to make my own again. Honestly, I’m wondering if those translations ever get edited/properly read before getting copy-pasted everywhere.

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